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Bye Bye Booty Kickin' Baby Blanket Blues?

It hardly seems real, but it's finally done. I finished it on the 25th, yesterday at the time of this posting, and I could barely even believe it. It hasn't even sunk in enough for me to be excited yet!

After I cast off the last stitch and pulled the yarn through the last loop to tie it off, I promptly took a nap to 'celebrate'.
The blanket is the perfect napping size for a grown person, so it is, as I planned, big enough to be useful to her well into her teens. Not so babyish as to be embarrassing, and cuddly cuddly soft soft. It has the feeling of nice soft quilt, but not too heavy. During the knitting process I was putting aroma therapy essential oils on my hands to give it a soothing calming scent. I'm very happy with how it turned out =)

Once I had rested up a bit, I weaved in the ends and took a few pictures.

I even like how the wrong side looks, it's kind of cool too.

I used purple for one border and blue for the other one, and the border up the sides is just knit in line with the stripes. I didn't want to pick up a hundred thousand stitches up the sides to make it look like the other borders. It always looks wonky when I do that. So this blanket is definately a baby blanket Ala-April - meaning I broke all the rules and only sort of followed the pattern. At least this time it was on purpose instead something I can attribute to being an air head =)

Here I am posing with the blaket to give you an idea of how giant it is. I'm 5'6" or so and this thing is only slightly shorter than me. I think it makes an excellent wrap, yes? (no)

It is the weirdest feeling being finished, though, I thought I'd be wild with joy and giddy and jumping up and down, but no, I just stupidly sat there staring at it in disbelief. It's odd, like a whole chapter of my life is closed. I'm almost sad or something! I've finally gone off the KNIT end. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

Correct Colors Captured

Pattern: Bernat Baby Free Pattern available at their website (modified a LOT)

Yarn: Knit Picks Crayon (running two strands together at all times) Purple and Light Blue

By the way, thanks to everyone who left comments last post expressing well wishes for my poor little sicky. She's doing 200% better now and I think we may all be over the stomach yuck for good. hope hope hope =)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Yaaaawwwnnn Strrrreeetch... is it morning?

aaaaahhhhh RATS! 10 more minutes? 5 more minutes? COME ON! I need some sleep! WHY did I stay up so late? I'LL tell you why....... somewhere in my twisted head I must have known that at least one of my kids would be throwing up all night.

Poor thing, she was the last one of the kids to get the stomach bug that's been going around here. I have to say, though, out of all my kids to have it in the middle of the night, she's the best choice (not that I wish it on her at all) it's just that she handles it much better than the other two. She always wakes up, she always manages to recall that she has her container and she doesn't need much help. I checked on her a few times at first, then the last couple of times although I woke up, I just listened to see if she called me. She's a total pro. She sure is worn out though, poor baby.

This bug really sucks the life and color out of you, too. My oldest was sent home from school a week ago Monday with it, just in time to miss his field trip =( NATURALLY! He came home and just crashed for something like 8 hours. The youngest got it on Thursday night, just as we were about to leave for a special meeting. So the hubby and the other kids went and we stayed home.

Anyway, it's been a long week, but not all bad. I got loads of yard work done this week and I've even made a dent in that mountain of laundry that seems to be the 7th member of my household. 5 people, 1 dog and the laundry beast. I swear it gets up in the middle of the night and raids the refrigerator. How else can I explain why that thing is empty all the time?

Well, since I worked myself into a frenzy on Saturday in my yard, I put off doing the podcast this week. I've got a little game going into the next one, though, and if y'all want to participate, you can. I'm doing a segment called "The Name Game". The premise is, look up the meaning of your name and see if you think it describes you. If you want to participate you can leave a comment here or at the podcast blog. If you go to the podcast blog you'll get to see me in my "Farmer April" yardwork outfit.

The picture, above, is out of context I know, but I thought there should be SOME knitting content. I think she's well on her way to being a hard core knitter. She wanted to take her knitting outside, so we put the ball of yarn in her backpack and she sat it the shade peacfully knitting. Speaking of knitting, I think I'll pick up mine now. Maybe.....juuuust maybe...... nope, not gonna say it. Just keep knitting, just keep knitting, knitting, knitting, knitting la la la laaaaaaaaa la laaaaa

(the grass is cut now by the way, even though the kids were really mad about it, apparently it's good for hide-n-seek.... hmmmm.... good thing we don't have chiggers!)

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Something to Talk About

I don't know what's up with me, but I seem to be not feeling like blogging lately. I don't really know why? Well, maybe it has something to do with not really having my partner in crime around to say, "Hey that's funny." or "It's good." or even, "Yeah, I read it, look how many comments you already have!" booooooo whooooooooo

AH well, I need to get a grip, I know. I knew I'd miss Mica, I just didn't know it would make blogging less fun. I should have known, I suppose, the address IS how could it be the same without her?

Well, my dog is dreaming and barking in his sleep ever so softly, that's good for a smile at least.

I got tired of using my scarf as a pop screen, so I made one on Sunday.

Then I crocheted it to a baby hanger, although I am NOT much of a crocheter, but it's on there and I'm happy with how it turned out.

Edited to add:

I knew I should have defined "popscreen". It's a soft barrier between my windy P's and S's and my hot air laughs to keep those awful pops and hisses out of my Podcast. =) Just in case you couldn't tell, I've got LOTS of air and it blows and explodes out in downburts and updrafts just like any little Texas Tornado.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Project Spectrum Past and Present


I got my postcard from my Project Spectrum for the month of April! How pretty is this?

I LOVE it =) Thanks Angela! She doesn't have a blog, yet, which bums me out a bit, so everyone together say "ANGELA GET A BLOG!" It's so weird how blogging introduces a certain security to life. You can always check on your friends to see if they are ok. Peace of mind or something. hmmm... why doens't everyone have a blog?


Look at this! My very own sock bag (now I have to start a sock project) made just for me by

If you would like YOUR very own sock project on the move bag, visit her blog and find out the details =)

I really thought I had something more to say? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
OH! I've been knitting much more than I thought, I guess. How does that work? The Booty Kickin' Baby Blanket is getting HUGE! WHOO! I'm about halfway done with the last purple ball of yarn, and since I'll have more blue left than purple, I'm doing the end border in blue instead of purple like the beginning. Just to be weird and to conserve purple! hahaha
Hey! If I'm going to rebel against this pattern by doing it totally wrong, I may as well rebel against the whole thing! Bigger Yarn, Bigger Needles, DIFFERENT TYPE of yarn, refusing to pick up a GAzillion stitches along the sides at the end to make the border, changing the number of stitches that make up the pattern stitch b/c I'm lazy. Did you even KNOW that if you have a stitch pattern that has the slanted lines meaning you purl one at the beginning of one row and purl one at the end of the other row that if you JUST drop one stitch you can just do the pattern stitch with no beginning purl stitch or end purl stitch on the first line and on the other line you purl one at the beginning AND the end? I was very glad to discover that because it was MUCH easier to remember no purls on the purple and 2 purls on the blue. Are you sufficiently confused yet? OH, good, my job is done here! TTFN! bwa ha ha ha HA

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cables Anyone? .... anyone.... anyone?

I'm happy to report that I'm finally knitting again. I had stopped knitting mainly because I ran out of the yarn I was using for the Booty Kickin' Baby Blanket. I was scared to start another project for fear I'd never return to knitting the blanket, a legitimate fear, as you all know. The yarn didn't exactly delay in arriving, but it was JUST long enough for me to get out of the knitting routine, I guess, because I didn't jump right to knitting as soon as the yarn arrived the way I expected myself to.

I put it off and off, things started to take priortity over it. That's how it goes when you are interested in a million things, though. It's sort of a mixed blessing to have that many interests. Things never get boring, but it's easy to lack focus. Funny.... that's the same note I always get from the 1st grade teacher regarding my son..... hahaha My husband and I had the same problems in grade school, lack of focus. That's ok, we turned out just fine. I think grade school is structured for a certain percent of the population, and the rest of us are up a creek! But as usual, I digress.

SO....... one of the ladies in one of my online knitting groups designs patterns and was looking for a couple of volunteer test knitters for a very small project. So I volunteered! I was very excited to be chosen and here it is!

by Wendy of
Yarn Knit Picks Peruvian Wool Sock Yarn Stuff

Friday, May 05, 2006


OK, so I'm desperate! None of my Podcast Pals are online, none of my grown family is here, there is NO ONE around here to share this with and I am just much too excited to stay quiet. So..... hopefully none of YOU are tired of me talking about my Pocast. If you are, just bear with me for a couple of seconds PLEEEEEEEEEEEZE!!!!!

Here's the painting I did today for my Podcast that's going to be my new profile image for awhile and will be (hopefully if I did it correctly) in iTunes on the feature page. BY THE WAY... I'm on the feature page!!!!! OMG OMG OMG I am SO excited! I have about 110 subscribers and I'm FINALLY starting to get feedback!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I'm totally flippin' out DUDE eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Ok, sorry, I'm also SO hungry I can barely do this, so this will be a quick post.

Monday, May 01, 2006

I am the Knitting Borg Queen

I am happy to report that we the Knitting Borg have assimilated another Non-knitter into our perfection. Thanks to blogging and knitting and lots of nano probes. I think it's not a coincidance that blog and borg are only one letter's difference from each other.

So I can't keep up smooth cold borg queen talk for very long, I'm just too giddy! Can you see the borg queen being giddy? NOPE, if she's anything, it's coooool.

ANYYYYYWAY..... How cool is it that we have another knitting convert? It's such good news to me that it's nearly enough to DE-funk my attitude! I'll be skipping about like..... uuuuhhhh.... something that skips a lot. hahaha, I'm SO tired, sorry!

So this new convert, is Mica's and my cousin in Minnesota, who has been reading our blog for a while now. So all this knitting talk has started to infiltrate her brain. It probably helps that Mica's and my sister-in-law is great friends with her and she also has been assimilated. hahaha In fact Mica taught her to knit socks a couple of weeks ago. So Tiff, my cuz - and Meli my S-i-L are like twins and they love each other. They both started blogging fairly recently and we keep in touch with each other that way to some extent. So I'm reading Tiff's blog today and it's all about knitting!

Check her OUT! The crazed ramblings of a Dark Side Twin
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