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Winter Storm/Watch Socks

Fittingly, the Storm Watch Socks were being cast off just as the 1st major Winter Storm blew in last night. It rained all night as the temperature dropped. Lightning blasted closer then further and closer again. As I drove my daughter to school this morning, the temperature went from 34 degrees to 31 and just like that, everything was frozen. The sleet began to pelt the house at the same time, I was informed upon arriving home. The sleet came down harder and we started to see snow flurries swirling around playfully in the midst of it's more serious cousins. The leaves on the just turning leaves on the crepe myrtle tree looked slightly glittery in the diffused light of the almost white sky. In the end, the gregarious snow annoyed the scowling sleet into submission giving the impish flakes free reign to twistingly fly, float and fall according to their individual fancies.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Storm Watch Socks So Far

Well, I'm getting there. I've had lots of interruptions, so my really fast start sort of stalled out. I guess being sick for most of two weeks can do that for ya. ha

Anyway, here they are to date, they fit SO perfect so far and they feel so buttery. Fiber-wise they feel better than anything I've had on my feet so far. I'm not sure why but it's true.


Storm Watch by Sunshine Yarns

I really love this color way.

It looks all stormy to me.

OH, I nearly forgot, we're leaving town for a few days, so I'll respond to all the comments next week.

Where am I going? Well, my best friend's new business burned down over the weekend and it was a total loss. The real bad part of it is that her parents owned the building and it wasn't just one place, it was like a little shopping center with several little businesses that employed about 40 people total. Her parents also had their business in there, as well, and they had so many keepsakes in there, like vintage baseball cards and book collections etc... it's sad.

So, we'll be there the next few days for support and my DH is going to help them pick out new computers suited to getting back on their feet to some degree. He's so sweet =)

Well, see y'all soon!

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Trying to Cheer Myself Up

the picture got lost on this one, but you may recall it?

Well, I can see some of these more than others. I always WISHED I looked like Terri Hatcher, she's so cute. I used about the silliest photo of my I could find on my third try. You should have seen some of the freaks on my first two. One was a very very very VERY scary drag queen who's had too much collagen - and the first one on my first try was Angelina Jolie hmmmm YEAH RIGHT! I think not. Maybe the eyebrows? Anyway, I just kept trying different photos to see what I got. I got Greta Garbo on my first two, which was cool, she's cool.

OH, why do I need cheered up? I've been SO sick. Monday night I started feeling achy (while at the grocery store - fun, eh? - at least my DH was with me, sweetly) I was OUT all day Tuesday which is my DH's day off and my sis who lives here, so that's handy at least. I was MOSTLY out yesterday, too, and I'm sorta not up today, but not in bed either. If this throat would just STOP HURTING!!!!! I'm to the point I want to tear it out and throw it away. If only that would help.


I was making good progress on my mindless socks, I did a couple of rounds on each last night while watching the finale of Dancing with the Stars. DH was rooting for Mario and I Emmit, I guess I won? I actually thought that any of the final 3 could easily deserve it. I liked different aspects of each one.

Anyway, I'll show pics of my socks, soonish - stay healthy out there, this throat junk is NOT fun!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Stockinette Stitch Comfort

No pattern, no rules, no thinking, just knitting.


It's what my mind deserves and needs, mindless stockinette in the round. Around and around, knitting like the wind.

Yarn: Stormwatch by Sunshine Yarns

By Dani of Knitting Sunshine

The Etsy shop was down for maintenance when tried to visit it today, Saturday, but maybe it'll be back up before too long. She has awesome colorways.

Anyway, on the home front things are better and worse - don't ya hate when that happens? Yeah, well in THIS home things are better, at least!

Is it just around here, or are there lots of people losing their minds at once? Just curious.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Neverending Jaywalkers - Done!

They are finally finished! I can't believe I finally finished them! I'm SO glad. SO... Now I can make myself some plain jane socks and knit in mindless stockinette stitch for miles. Maybe I can have them done before the next cold snap.

Have you ever wondered what happens to the Kitchener Stitch if you put just a tiny bit too much rum in your Pepsi? Well if you've ever wondered the answer is, Half Backwards Kitchener Stitch.

I think I rather like it, actually, on Jaywalkers at least, because it sort of marries the toe to the rest of the sock. Anyway, this affect is accomplished by doing the same thing to both the top stitch and the bottom one. In other words you slip off the top stitch as to purl and put the yarn in knitwise then slip the bottom stitch off purlwise and put the yarn into the next stitch knitwise - over and over - the same two steps - instead of alternating and you get a tiny little row of reverse stockinette =) even if you didn't have the rum.

I'm rolling my Stormwatch yarn into a ball RIGHT now, just chomping to cast on my second pair of fake Socktoberfest socks - fake b/c Socktoberfest is over everywhere but in my head. Sock on peeps and knit OUT!

Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm Extending MY Socktoberfest Indefinitely =P

OH I didn't want Socktoberfest to be gone so fast =( So I refuse to let it go yet. I'm keeping Socktoberfest going in my head until I've done at least 2 more pairs of socks! Assuming that I can EVER finish these! What is my deal? It seems that even when I knit for hours (not uniterrupted, of course) but still, I'm knitting a bunch, ok? It seems like they hardly progress at all. So... in spite of being a serial Jaywalker, the next pair of socks I do will be plain old mindless Stockinette stitch - and then I may do the Garter Ribbed pattern, b/c it looks very cool - Then I think I'll make the Dublin Bay pattern for myself.

I know I have been talking up the whole Bamboo sock idea and I really can't wait to get some Bamboo socks on my feet and try out the no tired theory on them. HOWEVER, Texas may bet getting an actual Winter this year, and I am actually cold! yaay - So I must have some wool socks first. Don't I have some wool socks yet? Well... yes and no. I have the lovely first Jaywalkers, but I never finished darning them. My first pair of socks were just a tiny bit too small, so I gave them to my sister. And they fit her like they were made for her, maybe they were? She loves them so much that she wears them all the time. I have a feeling she'll eventually be a sock knitter, too.

So I've revisted my love of Sunshine Yarns. Look at these gorgeous colors, people. I saw 'Stormwatch' my heart skipped a beat. Not only is blue my favorite color, I LOVE stormy skies and lightning and all the color play that comes along with them. So this was a no brainer buy. As for Neopolitan, c'mon - how gorgeous is that going to be as socks? TOO gorgeous!

Then there is my Bamboo yarn! I noticed yesterday that this yarn is surprisingly similar to the colorway of Stormwatch! So, it's no surprise that after I saw it at "Yarns Ewenique" a few weeks ago, that I couldn't stop thinking about it. So when I finally had a dollar or so (haha) I went and got it! They had another purply colorway, oh.... what was the name of it? Something witty with 'Purple' in it - ah, too bad, it's gone forever out of my head. But this particular colorway is called "Intensity". I think this yarn will make a very interesting Dublin Bay Sock =)

In Assimilation news, my brother, 2 of 7, has come all the way to the dark side. Check out this gorgeous handpainted alpaca that has an inspecific project planned for it! It's wonderful, yes? Just think, he's only been knitting a couple of years, and sporadically at that, and here he is suddenly a yarn conniseur! He found this at the "Shabby Sheep" in Downtown Dallas.

Color me proud. **sigh**

Check out this cabley good scarf he is knitting for himself. Can you believe the very first cable he did was the one at the beginning of this thing? He's totally got the cable pattern memorized already, too. Amazing! It's a pattern I made up on the fly, but, I think it's pretty cool looking. I'm sure it's been done before, but hey - whatevah =) I don't recall the exact fiber content in this one, but it's definitley wool. I think it's Merino, but not sure. It has enough lanolin to moisturize your hands after you've been knitting a bit! I know that much.

Oh, I would totally link everything, but I seem to be getting sick, so I don't feel like it. Maybe next time, better get back to knitting or napping, not sure which =)

There's a button for Sunshine Yarns in the sidebar if you want to shop Dani's awesome stuff.

See y'all when the Jaywalkers are done, I don't think I can show my face until then! lol knit faster knit faster! aaaaauuuugggghhhh - bye
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