Saturday, February 10, 2007

Phantom or Raul? I've decided.

I love that play. But I'm not Christine, so I don't really have those specific options. As far as I know, I never met either. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered that.

So, what did I decide? After much non thought and almost exclusive use of raw instinct I've come to a decision about my new blog.

I didn't expect that for another week or so, but here it is.


This blog will still be here, I'll be rebuilding it as I recover more posts - and I'll use it as a reference material on the new one. But more about that in my new place. Same template - different names. See ya there! Remember.... it's not just knitting anymore =)*)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ode to Joy

Can you sing that to yourself while you read this please? I'm singing it to myself as I type. It's so weird. Do you remember me saying I lost my journal in Belize? Well, it must have been just before I got to Belize because it ended up in the lost and found on the ship along with my camera and a couple of other things. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? (yes I know I didn't tell you I lost my camera, it was just so irritating I couldn't say it out loud) So YES I have pictures from the part of the trip I loved. I have to wait to share them with you though.

ARG! I know - it's too cruel, right? I repent =) The thing is, I'm working on assembling a portfolio, probably 2 portfolios, but the stuff I want to include in them, I think I should keep off the internet until I learn how to protect my rights to them and all that mumbo jumbo. I'm so jazzed about the portfolio thing though. I'll be telling you what it's all about if it works out at all. Am I being SO secretive? Yeah, I just don't want to count my chickens before they are hatched, so to speak. I also don't want to speak too soon, in case doing so makes it harder to reach the goal somehow. Sometimes things work that way, so I'll tell y'all about it soon enough, I just need to wait a bit.

What else, what else? Well, I have been able to recover some of the posts from my deleted blog! Can you believe it? I still have a lot of work to do with searching for them, but it's coming along. Also, some good Samaritan, can I say your name? I forgot to ask her, but you can look in the comments of the previous post and see who she is. Anyway, SHE actually had saved my short row tutorial post, pictures and all, and emailed it to me. SO, I can totally re-post it, and re-link it back to Grumperina's link. (hmmmm, I guess I should really tell her the old one is kaput, right? sheesh - it's bad when all the computers in your house get broken at once! very annoying) So thank you for that GW! You ROCK =) Also, AmyP told me to check out a cool Archive website that happened to have 3 of my posts. SO!...between these two awesome bloggers, and the wonder of cached stuff on Google, I have the story I was most bummed about losing, the last several posts I did, which includes Stormwatch Socks, the Best Friend's Jaywalkers, the latest Baby Blanket and lots and lots of other stuff. So that's something to sing Ode to Joy about!

I am REALLY happy that I got my journal back. I had written some poetry in there that I hadn't copied anywhere else and I was having trouble reconstructing it in my head. So now I have it back! yaayness!

I haven't knit much lately. I am still working on the cuff on only one sock in the Hill Country Yarn color Strawberry Swirl. My knitting is going to have to take a more secondary role for a few weeks. I am sorting through my life right now and rearranging everything. So I hope you guys can bear with me a bit longer and put up with less knitting for a bit. I'll be keeping you all updated as much as I can. I'm thinking about publishing some of my stuff, so I'll have to wait and see or get really good advice as to what is ok to share if you plan to publish. I have SO much to learn! BUT I'm going to take my time getting these things accomplished, because that is what I need to learn the most. S L O W D O W N! I'm always in a hurry and there's no need to be. Just take it one step at a time and think things through MO BETTA =) ..... and somehow do that without over analyzing b/c that is JUST as exhausting as running in circles! I think I have just figured out why I spun out so hard on my vacation! dangit - oh well - It was a learning experience in every way. I live, I learn, I love - I crash, I burn, I get up to live, learn and love another day.

Welcome to another beginning, and Ode to Joy,
I'm still singing.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

OK Don't Panic - Well Maybe a Little

Hey people, did that scare you? It scared me, too! The WHOLE blog got deleted! I can't believe it myself, I am totally bummed over it, but I'm getting better - slowly.

Anyway, all of my posts, stories, patterns, tutorials ---- gone. gone gone gone.

I should have had a back up or something!

So, I'm ok, I am going to keep blogging some - here and there. BUT I am going to change to a different blog name and address. I haven't decided yet what to name it, I have no clues as to where to start, but I AM as always open to suggestions and ideas .... etc etc etc

Y'all know me by now, so what do ya think?