Saturday, March 10, 2007

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Insanity Levels Rising, Yellow and Orange Alert!

Thanks so much for all comments and compliments on the previous
post, whether about my Daughter's cuteness or my song!

In protest of Daylight Savings Time I decided to do something equally stupid. I've ordered MORE yarn for the Booty Kickin' Baby Blanket. You heard me, MORE - I can't get this far and give up, I just can't. The thing is, you see, I've already sealed this thing's destiny by making the width of it collossal. This means that if I stop knitting when I run out of the yarn I currently have left... this thing will be about 3 times as wide as it is long. We all know that baby blankets are usually square or at least trying to be square. This thing is going to be a freak of nature no matter WHAT I do, but I did have to save it from being the super geek of all the baby blankets. I'd hate for the other baby blankets in the closet to mock it and tell it what a freak it is. That would really make it feel bad and this blanket is all about the good. So, I'm thinking one more ball of each color (which really means 2 balls of each color b/c it's double stranded to be chunky) will make it only about twice as wide as it is long. Hopefully, anyway. If it is a super long rectangle It would end up being more like a towel, or a runner - this blanket needs to be cuddled and squeazed like a teddy bear.

I just measured this monster and it's a whopping 5 feet wide - and not 2 feet long. So when it's done the thing I'm calling width, will be the new length and stripes will be up and down instead of back and forth. I really have gone crazy, haven't I?

I really think I should have ordered 4 more skeins of each, but I ain't gonna go there. I do have to protect myself from me sometimes. I had originally put each order at 4 each, then I realized that even if I got tired and sore and paralyzed again, if I had the yarn, I would knit it till it was gone. So I took preventative measures against that, by limiting the yarn, it's the only way to insure I don't self destruct.

I've been knitting it today and yesterday and even though I've taken about a 2 week break from it, I still get a little ouchy after a while. Proceed with caution to prevent permanent injury. =) If I sing the Baby Blanket Blues again, I want it to be purely for recreation. If I push too hard, I'll have to write more lyrics!

I will be going to bed early tonight, for Daylight Savings Time takes no prisoners.

Project Spectrum
For April I should do
a better job on the next few
pics. I wasn't even thinking
about it until just now.
OOPS! =)


  • At 6:34 PM, Mica said…
    You ordered more yarn?!! You!
    You told me you're not a serious knitter, ha, you're a coffee crazy knitter for sure! & i like the baby blanket, it's very cute and she's going to LOVE it.
    Okay, better go ;)
    Miss Ya!
  • At 9:24 PM, Tiflissa said…
    What Mica said! I insist on a picture of this when it's finished. It sounds like quite the adventure! :)
  • At 9:32 PM, trek said…
    Way to go!
  • The baby blanket blues . . . verse 29 . . . same as the first . . . a little bit louder and a little bit worse :)
  • At 9:13 AM, Miriam said…
    Singing along with celtic knitter!

    J/K. Sounds like you're doing the sensible thing with the blanket.
  • At 1:03 PM, Kim said…
    FIVE feet wide?!?!?!

    Holy shnikies!!

    What is the pattern again? And erm.. the yarn? But I don't think I'll knit it double like you : P That means you're dealing with 4 strands at a time right? You so craazy!!

Baby Blanket Progress

OK - I'm breaking down and showing the blanket. I was really hoping to have more by now, but yesterday just wouldn't cooperate with me. At least I got a decent representation of the right colors this time. So to make up for the lack of giantness, I will try to compensate with artsy photography =)*)

These colors are almost perfect, a nice plummy purple and a soft light blue that usually washes out in these pictures and ends up looking more white than anything.

Here you can see the stitch pattern pretty clearly. It's not a boring one, at least, but it does get a tiny bit tedious. On the whole, I'm pleased, so far.

As much as I thought I had plenty of yarn to spare, I think I'm not going to have as much as I thought. Probably because I was factoring in 6 skeins of the pink that was kicked to the curb. Now I am starting to remember why I was clinging so to the idea of using it in this blanket. Hmmm..... THAT'LL teach me! LOL

To make sure I never have this problem again, you seasoned wise knitters out there will be proud to learn that I have, in my wish list at Knit Picks - just waiting for me to get the nerve up to put it into the cart - several color cards of the yarn I currently like and yarn I plan to buy in the future. Those future plans being for when I grow up and start to knit lace =)

Now, back to the rest of the blanket. These colors are atrociously off, but you can at least see the basic size of it. The circ that I'm using is 32" long, and the blanket is fairly squished on there, so the width should be pretty decently large. Like I was saying before, though, since I'm working with 6 skeins less than I planned, the final length will only represent 3 times what we see here. I'll think when I'm done, I'll block it very severely in order to make it look bigger! =)


  • At 3:21 PM, trek said…
    It's so pretty!

    Join the lace bandwagon with me. I'm going to do Mountain Peaks with the KAL in April. The pattern is even written for KnitPicks Shadow and I've got it here waiting to be swatched!
  • At 4:23 PM, Samantha said…
    It looks great. I love the colours together. :)
  • At 4:54 PM, Isabelle said…
    This little blankie is going to be gorgeous, April! Hang in there!

    Lovely colors!

    Isabelle :)
  • At 12:12 AM, Kim said…
    Sooo cute! I really like it.. I want one : P

    It looks so soft n cuddly.. and I really like the stitch pattern.. it actually makes two colored knitting look good! (Ooops.. did I just say that? I think I'll run away now.)
  • At 12:59 PM, kimberly said…
    Oh that is going to be so pretty!
  • At 1:22 PM, Donna said…
    I just love this pattern and the color combo is perfect!
  • At 4:11 PM, Miriam said…
    Nice work! I think this will be a very lovely little blankie.
  • At 9:24 PM, Jenn said…
    The blanket looks cute! I love the stripiness! The picture of it far away looks wild!! Fabulous! :-)
  • At 9:54 AM, amanda said…
    The colors look just as you described on my monitor. Love the stripey goodness and I'm sure it will be well loved.
  • At 10:34 AM, Rebekah said…
    I like the stitch pattern very much, although I can see that row after row might be a bit tedious.
  • I looks good. I love the colours you chose, and the texture of that st looks lovely.

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