Monday, January 2, 2006

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I Did it, I DID it!!!! - (a short row heel)

By April

Can you believe it? I did it! I actually, really DID it!!!! I am so giddy I don't even know what to do. I was SO stinking nervous! Now, I am just as happy as, um......... well, as something that is really, super happy. Sorry, all my witsizms totally flew the coop.

The first time I tried it on, the cuff seemed too short. I was planning them to be ankle socks, they were hitting below the ankle which I DO NOT like. (yeah, weird - I know) ANYWAY.... so instead of frogging at that very moment, I decided I'd go ahead and finish the heel, mainly for practice. Then when it was done, I tried it on again, and shiver me timbers - they are JUST RIGHT, exactly the spot I like them!

Again, giddy, very exquisitely giddy-iferous. Yeeeeeeee HAW! I wish I had a cowboy hat to throw in the air. (what's up with that? why don't I have a cowboy hat?)

LOOK, just look at the Rock Creek lovliness! Could you just FAINT? --SIGH-- clunk

uuuummmm, what happened? (blink blink) where am I? hmmmmmmm..... I must have passed out.

Oh, I nearly forgot, I took pre-heel pictures, just in case I totally lost it and had to start over, so I presentith thee with two Jaywalker cuffs, graced with the FREE stitch markers that Dani sends with the orders from Sunshine Yarns. Aren't they pretty?Knitting RocKs

Short Row Heel

By April

Is this right? I have been trying for the past 2 days to figure out the short row heel.

Trying to figure out something means, reading and reading and staring at all the tutorials, looking confused and getting permanently crossed eyes. So, instead of risking my gorgeous Rock Creek with an experiment, I picked up some acrylic rainbow stuff and tried JUST the heel, following some short row instructions I found somewhere in cyber space.

It's so weird, all the tutorials with pictures got me more confused, because I was looking at them crazy, like thinking they were doing the wrapped stitches down the MIDDLE of the heel, which didn't go with what the written instructions said, obviously.

Anyway, here are the pictures of one lonely heel. So any of you who may be short row experts, IS THIS RIGHT? REMOTELY? HELP me, HELP!Knitting RocKs

FEVER! In the morning, fever all thru the nite....

By April

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Shannon said...

Hey the heels look GREAT!!! Why does it say you posted January 2nd though??